I'm so excited!

On November 15, 11 images that I created earned honors from the International Portrait Masters awards. I am so proud to announce that I achieved accreditation as an Associate from The Portrait Masters. 

A jury of photography experts reviewed and selected my work from more than 4,300 images entered by photographers from 40 countries.


The Jury...

Each round of The Portrait Masters Awards and Accreditation is juried by a team of award-winning photographers, led by Richard Wood, who is himself a recipient of numerous awards and accreditations from photography organizations including NZ IPP, WPPI and Asia Pacific Photography Awards. Jurors evaluate and award scores to each photograph on a scale of 1 to 100. Images are judged on a range of creative and technical factors. Images with an average score of 70 or higher receive Bronze, Bronze with Distinction, Silver or Gold merits. Each merit also includes accreditation points, the accumulation of which enable photographers to achieve Associate, Master and Fellow accreditation levels.

The Awards...

The Portrait Masters Awards and Accreditation program was founded in 2017 by the creators of The Portrait System (formerly Sue Bryce Education) and The Portrait Masters, which offer online and in-person education that enables photographers to build profitable and sustainable photography businesses. The Awards and Accreditation program was created to acknowledge, honor, and celebrate high-quality, professional photographic work and to give photographers the public recognition they deserve in their profession.

Hard work Pays Off!

I am so proud and honored to be awarded this Associate Accreditation. I have worked hard over the last 2 years to earn this award. It's INCREDIBLE to be honored by my peers and to be acknowledged by masters in the portrait photography industry. The benefit of participating in the awards and accreditation program, is that it continuously pushes me to develop and grow my photography skills, and to deliver higher quality work to my clients. 

These are the images that I submitted in the last round of awards. 

 Thank you to The Portrait Masters judges and to my wonderful clients, who inspire me every day!