Seniors & Teens

Is there a more exciting time in a teenager's life than their Senior Year of High School? Senior portraits are one of my favorite things to do. These seniors are so fun and excited about the possibilities that lay ahead! Senior portraits can be done in studio or outdoors.

Middle Years Sessions are geared towards the big kids, ages 11-14.

These years can be awkward, lots of change and figuring out who you are. They are no longer a little kid but not quite a high schooler. Celebrate this stage and build your middle schooler's confidence in the process!

senior- portraits- fall- leaves- brick wall- ivy- Weddington Town hall
senior- portraits- fall- leaves- bridge- jeans- sweater- Weddington
senior- portraits- Waverly- brick wall- bushes- Weddington- athlete
senior- portraits- studio- ladder- edgy- artsy - Weddington
senior- portraits- white dress- beautiful- studio- Weddington
senior- portraits- golden field- dancer- leap -Weddington
teen- portraits- studio- window- black dress- Weddington
Senior- portrait- golden field- pink dress- Weddington
senior- portraits- woods- pond- rock- casual- trees- Weddington
teen- portraits- studio- converse- ballet- point- ballet slippers- shoes- feet - Weddington
teen- portraits- studio- boy- 13- Weddington
teen- portraits- studio- ballerina- on point- green tutu- Weddington
teen- portraits- updo- big smile- peach shirt- actor headshots- Weddington
teen- portraits- updo- soft smile- leaning- actor headshots- Weddington
senior- portraits- studio- ladder- edgy- artsy - Weddington- crochet top