What exactly is Glamour Boudoir?

This genre covers several bases: glamour, maternity and boudoir. Glamour can simply mean beautiful portraits of you in a fancy dress or jeans and a t shirt. No lingerie or nudity required.

Maternity sessions are a part of this genre. I have several gorgeous gowns that showcase your baby bump and celebrate motherhood. What's more beautiful than a baby bump? Nothing.

This genre also covers Elegant Boudoir. What is elegant boudoir? My aim is make art. Your body is ART! How cool is that? You can be as covered or as uncovered as you feel comfortable with.  These sessions are empowering and above all, FUN!

I don't shoot overly erotic images or anything that could be called pornography. These are portraits you would be proud to share, not embarrassed or mortified.

boudoir- glamour- black lingerie- bath tub- Charlotte
glamour portrait- beaded gown- 40 over 40- Charlotte
maternity- blue tulle gown- baby bump- boudoir- Charlotte
dancing- woman- glamour- floral dress- salsa- Charlotte
maternity, boudoir- window- sequin gown- Charlotte
boudoir- black lace- lingerie- window- pearls- Weddington- Charlotte
maternity- tulle robe- boudoir- baby bump- glamour- Charlotte
boudoir- sporty- crop top- window- back light- Charlotte
boudoir- window- backlight- lacy bra- glamour- Charlotte
boudoir- details- back- chair- lacy underwear- Charlotte
maternity- tulle robe- boudoir- baby bump- glamour- Charlotte
boudoir- angel wings- blue lingerie- glamour- window- Charlotte
glamour- boudoir- black tulle robe- nail art- Charlotte
boudoir- casual- window- backlight- sweater- Charlotte
classic boudoir- pinup- black lingerie- tulle robe- garter- stockings- Charlotte