What to wear to work?

This is a question that I struggle with constantly for my business. I wan to look professional, but struggle to find things that are age-appropriate and work appropriate, but most importantly comfortable and affordable.

In recent years, the work-wear landscape was bleak. No one was going to the office. Manufacturing and distribution was at a stand still. We were all wearing leggings, sweats, and flip flops, working from home (or not working at all). No one was shopping for clothing, because we had nowhere to go.

Now, we're all pretty much back to normal. People are in the office again, people are seeing clients, going to meetings, conferences, etc. None of my clothes from before fit or are in style, so I was stumped on finding great work clothes, until I asked the smartest people I know for help. These smart ladies are my friends and clients and they supplied me with amazing resources for work wear that you'll see below.

*Some of the links may not be current.

Where to shop for Women's Work Attire

I asked, and boy did you deliver!!! 


A couple of weeks ago, I sent out an email asking for suggestions for places to shop for work attire that was age appropriate and well priced. As I hoped, your responses were wonderful, thorough, and so very helpful! I can’t wait to SHOP!


I am so excited to share what you all helped me come up with! Also, the GREAT news is that I found so many SALES on this quest!

Lower Price Point 


Loft- Ann Taylor’s cheaper cousin, classic, conservative staples

Banana Republic Factory- Great suiting options, modern cuts

J Crew Factory- Classic, casual items

Favorite Pieces


Banana Republic Factory

J Crew Factory


Fast Fashion

Lulu’s- Definitely younger, but still appropriate.

Asos- fun, edgy, great dresses, even maternity

H&M- simple staples, young and very inexpensive

Zara- great jackets, and suiting

Favorite Pieces



H & M



Moderate Pricing


White House/ Black Market- they have everything!!! This is a jackpot!

J. Crew- classics, conservative, colorful.

Macy’s- so much variety. Look under suit & suit separates.

Spanx- Perfect pant, sheath dresser and blazer

Express- great suiting, stylish, fresh

Athleta- leggings are a great staple

Ann Taylor- classic, reliable, well made

Commando- like Spanx, great staples

Gap- more casual, but definitely some great options

Favorite Pieces

White House Black Market 

J Crew





Ann Taylor




Higher End Pricing

Veronica Beard- you will want everything. Gorgeous tailoring. Pricey.

Cinq a Sept- very unique detailed pieces, lots of color, pricey

Alice & Olivia- young, colorful, whimsical, gorgeous!

Reiss (Nordstrom)- chic, sophisticated, expensive

Favorite Pieces

Veronica Beard

Cinq a Sept

Alica & Olivia




Preparing for Headshots: QUICK TIPS

  • Focus on fit. Make sure items fit well standing and sitting. Try on everything beforehand.
  • Make sure your outfits are pressed and wrinkle free. Some things cannot be fixed in post.
  • Don't wear your Zoom outfit. Bring the whole outfit and matching shoes.
  • When choosing tops and jackets, having a fitted silhouette tends to be more flattering than boxy or loose tops.
  • Make sure your nails look nice and clean (no chipped polish). Your hands may be in your images.
  • Don't overthink your outfits, simple and classic is almost always the answer.
  • Bring a a few options. A dress, a pantsuit, and a couple of blouse options give nice variety.
  • Don't be afraid of color, but you can't go wrong with neutrals.
  • When in doubt, send me pictures of your options. I love helping with this!
  • If you're a business owner, consider incorporating your brand colors.

I hope this helps a little with the work fashion struggle! I'm so glad there are options for those of us that are over 40, but still stylish and fun!


Thank you again for all of your input!!! If you think of another great addition, please email me and I will update this list!