What Location is Right for You?

Choosing a location for your session can be tough. You want something that feels right for your style. I have a variety of options that are tried and true.


First, we have my home studio in Weddington. The studio is not weather dependent, which makes it a great choice for the Winter months. I have a variety of backdrops, and set ups. You can get a light and airy look, a classic fine art look, or a darker, more dramatic look. I offer hair and makeup services as an option for studio sessions. I even have some fun wardrobe items you can borrow. The studio can be used any time of day.



Next we have the garden location. It resembles a college campus. This cute little secret garden is in an unexpected spot, right by Weddington Town Hall. There are ivy covered brick walls, a garden gate, brick stairs, and a giant magnolia tree to play in. It has the look of a college campus. This location gives a great variety of looks in one convenient spot! This spot is versatile and can be used most any time of day.


Next up is the wooded pond location. This beautiful location is at the Hemby Rd entrance of the Bromley neighborhood in Weddington. It features a large pond, bridges, a large stone arch, trees, and boulders. This location has a lot of variety and a beautiful natural feel. This location is great for Fall, with lots of colorful leaves, and can be used in the morning or afternoon.


This beautiful golden field is right here in Weddington. This location has tall grass and beautiful sky line shots. This location is perfect for a boho look, casual outfits, or a super glam look. This location is ONLY done at golden hour, for the perfect sunset shots.


Last but not least, is Waverly Shopping Center. This one may come as a surprise, but this location offers a really fun edgy city backdrop. There are lots of cool textures, street scenes, and architectural features that can used. This location can is great in the morning or the afternoon. 

What location is your style?

There are lots great choices to fit most personalities! Generally, only one location can be used for each session, due to time constraints. so, where are we shooting?