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My name is Amanda Dudzik

I'm an award winning and accredited portrait photographer, a master hairstylist, and makeup artist. I can show you how to elevate your portrait business by incorporating basic hair and makeup skills. Click below for pricing and availability.

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Add another tool to your photography tool kit...

Have you ever had to cancel a shoot because your hair and makeup artist canceled and you couldn't find a back up? Or have a client cancel, and still had to pay your hair and makeup artist? Do you just wish you could do a touch up on your clients or change up their look mid-shoot, but just don't know how?

I can help! I can teach you the basic hair and makeup skills you need to be more self reliant, give your clients confidence, add variety, and add revenue to you business.

Spend some time with me in my studio in Weddington, NC and I will give you step by step training, shopping lists, and techniques necessary to get your clients camera ready!

You will learn how to do a full service and a touch up, and learn looks for different genres. You will learn the products and tools necessary for your kit, how to use them, and a shopping list to get you started.

You will get hands on experience with a model, and photograph them to see your handiwork through the lens.

Are you ready to get started? Let's chat!

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