Overcoming Life's Challenges...And Achieving your Dreams!

I met Sherrie when I was doing musician portraits at a local Music Academy. I was photographing her oldest son. The next year, I photographed her younger son to celebrate his preschool graduation. 

As great as it was to photograph her gorgeous boys, I was thrilled when Sherrie reached out to do a Glamour Session JUST FOR HER! You see, Sherrie had some big things to celebrate (more on that later) and she decided to do that with a portrait session in my studio.


A little about Sherrie in her own words....


 "I am originally from the Philippines. Moved here to the US 15 years ago. I've been married 12 years, and I have a 12 year old son, Bryce, and 6 year old son, Brence.

I was a Special Education Teacher. I went in to nursing because I was diagnosed with Liposarcoma Cancer. I had surgery twice during the time I was in nursing school."- Sherrie


It's remarkable that Sherrie was able to maintain her Nursing studies all while having treatment and surgery for cancer. She persevered and she did it! She is one tough lady!


During our shoot, I asked her if she wanted me to retouch the scar on her leg. That's when she told me her story of cancer survival. She is proud of that scar, and wanted it to stay. It tells her story and it's a reminder of her courage.

I always ask people why they booked their session...here is Sherrie's why...

"I love pictures and it is an investment for me. I love documenting milestones in my life and my family's. This time I was documenting my 3rd time graduating. Amanda has documented milestones for my kids and I love it!!! I am also celebrating my 40th birthday."- Sherrie

Not only were we celebrating her 40th birthday, Sherrie was celebrating her graduation. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing. This may be her 3rd time graduating, but she definitely needed to document this great achievement. 

Here is a bit about Sherrie's experience with her photoshoot...

"Amanda made me feel confident all throughout. I was nervous. I was conscious of my imperfections.  Amanda was so patient and brings out the best atmosphere to lessen the nervousness."

My ultimate goal is make women feel beautiful, safe, and confident. This kind of feedback makes my day!

Glamour sessions don't necessarily need boudoir style images. We created a beautiful collection for Sherrie without that element. She brought beautiful dresses for her session, and we even got to use the 6 foot angel wings! With her images, I designed a beautiful custom album, that she can share with those she loves.

How did Sherrie feel about her images?


"I love the pictures, it's all worth it!"- Sherrie


And that is why I love Glamour sessions...

Thank you, Sherrie, for trusting me with this major life moment, and for being so open to all my creative ideas. Your journey is so inspiring and you are BEAUTIFUL!