What's the process?

I'm excited that you're interested in a glamour or boudoir photography session with me! I think you will love the experience and services I offer. I promise that you will have a blast whether you do this alone or with loved ones and you will get beautiful portraits in the end. I specialize in high-end studio images. My style is contemporary and stylish, yet approachable and real. You will still look like yourself, just the best version of yourself. I take great pride in creating a memorable and fun experience for my clients — directing, posing and photographing them like the people in magazines!

The First Part:

The experience starts with a pre-shoot consultation, where we will discuss styling, wardrobe, logistics, preparation, timing, and any other details you may wish to include for your shoot. We will discuss packages and pricing as well. This consultation can be a quick phone call, or email. If it's convenient, you're welcome to come see the studio and do your consultation in person.

At any point prior to your shoot, you can share pictures of clothing that you might be considering. Sharing a secret Pinterest board of inspiration is a great way for me to get a feel for your style! I will send you a Boudoir Prep Guide pdf with all the pertinent information you need.

Once we've discussed the details, you will be sent a booking link to reserve your session time and pay for your Sitting Fee. You do not have an appointment until you complete this step.

The Glam Part:

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of professional hair and makeup. I am a professionally trained and licensed hairstylist and makeup artist and I will get you camera ready! I will make sure your portraits are absolutely stunning!

Some clients prefer to do their own hair & makeup and that is OK too. But remember, hair and makeup is included in all glamour sessions, and can be added to any headshots session, so take advantage of my one stop shop! 

I love being able to provide hair and makeup services to my studio clients. It's a great way to connect and get to know each other, before the camera comes out.

The Fun Part:

For Glamour Boudoir sessions we usually start around 9am and you can plan to spend a minimum of 2.5 to 3 hours with me. (Headshots are shorter sessions.). On the day of the shoot, you will arrive at my studio; we will do a quick recap of our plan, make choices from the wardrobe you brought and look at my studio wardrobe. We then begin hair and makeup. The photo shoot follows and typically lasts 1.5 - 2 hours. This part is going to be fun! There will be music and champagne, if you want it. Don’t worry about the details, I will pose you down to the very last finger! If you have ideas, don't hesitate to share them, or I can lead the way. We’ll work together to capture the PERFECT shot!

The Best Part:

After your fun glamour boudoir photo shoot, I choose approximately 40-60 epic shots, and I give them a light edit. About a week to 10 days from the session, we arrange for a private reveal and ordering session in the studio. Together, we go through your images on the big screen, and discuss crops and specific edits. *Headshots have a different process.

I will show you examples of all the beautiful products that I offer from all over the world. Custom leather albums, handmade Italian leather reveal boxes, modern metal prints, and more. You will have tangible keepsakes that can't get lost on a hard drive. Don't fret, you also get the digital images for any images you purchase for your album or box.

Most clients purchase my middle package which includes 15 images, and comes in a beautiful keepsake box made in Italy or in a leather album. Some clients spend $800 and some spend $5000. There is no hard sell and what you buy is completely up to you. And I mean that. I promise you an amazing experience, beautiful legacy portraits and No Regrets!


Collections & Pricing:

The session fee that is paid at booking includes hair and makeup services, access to my studio wardrobe, your 2 hour customized shoot, your in person reveal appointment, and $200 towards your Portrait Collection. 

You will choose and pay for your collection at your reveal appointment. After choosing the images, I will begin the full editing and professional retouching process. Once I have them completed, the digital images will be delivered to you via online gallery for your approval. Once you approve the edits, I will design and order your prints, album, or reveal box.

Below are the packages offered.

Let's do this!

I truly wish every woman could have this experience. You will leave empowered and feeling unstoppable. You will have beautiful portraits of yourself to document this time of your life. You will never look like you do today again. 


In the words of the iconic Moira Rose...

"...allow me to offer you some advice: Take a thousand, naked pictures of yourself now. You may currently think, "Oh, I'm too spooky." Or, "Nobody wants to see these tiny boobies." But, believe me, one day you will look at those photos with much kinder eyes and say, "Dear God, I was a beautiful thing!"

XOXO, Amanda